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Why psychotherapy?. oak

Why psychotherapy?

If you have never experienced therapy or counselling before, how on earth do you go about choosing the right therapist for you? The best way is to arrange an introductory chat on the phone or an initial session. It's most important that you feel comfortable and safe.

Every person who seeks therapy is unique and brings their own history and presence. It is therefore important that I work in a way that suits you and the issues you wish to bring. You may want to use the space and time to explore a few things, knowing that confidentiality is key. At other times you may need support through a particular crisis with a more focused approach, or it may be time to look at some long-standing patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you in life. How we work can be discussed between us, and may continue to change and develop as we get to know each other better.

The issues that people bring to psychotherapy and counselling are unlimited. Nothing is off limits, at least for an initial discussion, and if I can't help I will try to signpost you to someone who can. Here are some of the issues that respond well to therapy:

Abuse (emotional, physical and sexual)
Anger Management
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Low Self Confidence and Low Self Esteem
Post Natal Depression
Relationship difficulties/Affairs
Suicidal Thoughts
Work Related Stress

Depression and anxiety are common issues, from mild symptoms of lowness and avoidance to more severe feelings of helplessness and withdrawal from the world. Anxiety and excessive worrying, including having distressing intrusive thoughts and feelings of overwhelm and panic, are also issues that respond well to psychotherapeutic help.

Bereavement, loss and change, including job loss, relationship break-up, fertility struggles and retirement can cause distress that can be relieved by talking things through with a therapist. We all struggle at certain points in our lives, and we manage this in different ways. It may be that we withdraw and feel isolated with our feelings, or we may block feelings with use of alcohol or other substances. Patterns of defensive behaviour may also be present. These can be explored, understood and acknowledged throughout the process of therapy.

My training is in 'Integrative Psychotherapy' which means I draw on theories that link our past experiences with how we are in the present, but also I work very much in the moment, supporting you through your current situation whilst building and strengthening your own ability to be healthy in yourself and your relationships. Relationships are key. Often the work involves looking closely at the various relationships you have now and those you had in the past - with family, friends, colleagues and also with me as a psychotherapist.

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